About Us

Who Are We

We are a team of website wizards that specialize in website development, SEO, and marketing. 

Our Mission

The concept for Frugal Web Services is simple- create low-cost websites and develop online marketing solutions while ensuring lifelong relationships with our clients. 

What We Do

We create a prominent online presence and grow your business using modern marketing techniques.

Our history

I began building websites when I discovered that a family member’s business was paying $500 a month for an outdated and outright distasteful website. I reached out and offered to revitalize their website for a fraction of what they were paying to the company that was charging exorbitant fees. I found so much pleasure in knowing that I saved my family member’s business thousands of dollars a year. Soon after that, I began teaching myself the art of SEO and online marketing to help make their website even greater.

A handful of websites later, I was approached with an inquiry to make a site with a complex payment processing method. After realizing that I would need help, I reached out to my college roommate Tyler Becks, a software Engineer at LinkedIn, to code a complex payment form. Together, we can take on any website project!

Our 6-D process



Connect with potential clients and find ways how we can benefit your company. 



Understand your goals and then plan the layout for your web presence.



Create a stunning website or advertisement campaign, tailored to your specific goals.



We would now take the time to complete any custom coding, SEO, or a shop page, if necessary.



Test the site’s functions in “sandbox” mode to ensure that it’s ready to rock. 



Enjoy your finished project as well as monthly updates, if necessary.

Why choose us?

Let us impress you with our modern approach to websites and design that is not only attractive, but functional.

We provide 24/7 support and ensure that your online presence is up to date. Having your site run flawlessly is our #1 priority.

We develop custom solutions for each project, ensuring that all goals are specifically met. We start with the customer and work backwards.

Enjoy a flexible schedule marketing payment plan, where you are in charge of your monthly budget. We also don’t lock you into long term contracts.

Hire a web development and marketing team that you’ll love. With our expertise in website design and software engineering, we are ready to take on any project.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Let's collaborate on something amazing.